About Us

Our product development journey started in 2016 when we started work on our first product, an electronic flipping game called Flypdeck.

Next we partnered with a local Inventor to launch an innovative 3 piece travel pillow called Pieceful Pillow.  Through our work on Flypdeck and Pieceful Pillow we met a lot of E-Commerce store owners, Amazon Sellers, and Inventors and slowly began to help others design and manufacture their own products.


Fast forward to today and we have since helped our clients design and manufacture quite a few products across a diverse set of product categories.  We love designing products as well as helping E-Commerce professionals grow their businesses.

Both Bryce and John went to Virginia Tech where Bryce majored in Mechanical Engineering and John majored in Economics and Business.

Bryce has a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering background including working at Black+Decker designing power tools.  John has a Software Development and Project Management background.